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The Evolution of the outbound contact centre with true omni-channel reach. A blended environment that simply means your team connect with more people and create more opportunities.

CyCall is an affordable, professional, telemarketing outbound contact centre management & reporting system. CyCall can be used to increase revenue opportunities for a business or to simply stay in touch with your customers.

  • Boost Productivity and Efficiency
  • Ensure your staff have the right information for the right type of call
  • Protect your customer database integrity
  • Ensure Performance & Results
  • Give your customers options and service them best
  • Deliver Performance & Measure Results

Omni-Channel Communication

Reaching more customers today means employing more sophisticated methods and also technology options so that you can contact prospects and customers in ways that they prefer and are more receptive to approach.

CyCall Omni-Channel Communication

Integrates Into Your CRM or Database

CyTrack CyCall™ can talk to your customer database or CRM (customer relationship management system) and even integrate with your Social Media to let you know who your customers are and how they wish to be serviced. It manages your customers requests via routing to the most appropriate people in your organisation and handles all communications in the way that your customer most prefers to communicate with you.

We connect to most popular systems out of the box including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SalesLogix, GoldMine, Maximizer, ACT! and more.

If you have developed your own CRM or customer service solution we can work with that too, check out our Software Kits & API's that enable you to talk with us and setup your own click to dial, screen pops, storage of key details about the call, voice recordings and more!

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Which Approach Works Best?

Preview Mode

In preview mode, the system will pop the next selected target details up allowing the agent to view pertinent details. CyCall then dials the number when the Agent clicks 'ready'. When finished the agent can complete any wrap up details and then clicks 'ready' for the next target screen pop and 'ready' to dial the number, and the cycle is repeated. In this mode the Agent controls the pace of each next call.

Progressive Mode

In Progressive Mode the Call Centre Manager enters a wrap up time that allows the agent to complete details after the call and then the next target is popped to the agent and the number is dialled. When the call is completed the agent has the set time to complete details before the next target is popped and the number dialled. In this mode the administrator is enforcing a pace between each call.

Pre-Emptive Dialling

Many people think of a 'predictive dialler' when they ask for this type of functionality. A predictive dialler works by a call-pacing algorithm that places calls from a list that has been defined by one of several such algorithms, including prediction of agent availability, average call time in current campaign, or user defined overdialing level for a given day/time/zone. This type of system is dialling out to ensure a call is ready with a reached target as the agent becomes available.

Typically systems without having at least 10-15 agents in a campaign can lead to unacceptable Call Delays for the customer and high Call Abandonment rates as the customer puts the telephone call down before reaching an agent. They are also very expensive and also lead to agent burnout very quickly.

The CyCall Pre-Emptive Dialling Module dials the selected numbers and determines whether they are a Positive Connection as in a live person or Unpositive as in whether answered by a answering machine, facsimile, or a modem. Positive Connections are immediately transferred to an agent. The management interface allows for configuration of ratios of agent to callout patterns and agent availability.

Predictive Dialling

The CyTrack Predictive Dialler is suited for outbound contact centres of more than 10 agents and for aggressive telemarketing. A predictive dialler works by an advanced call-pacing algorithm that places calls from a list.

The Predictive Dialler's aim is to ensure a call is ready with a reached contact as the agent becomes available. Unlike Pre-Emptive which waits to dial when agents are available, the Predictive Dialler is calculating when to start dialling for the next contact based on a prediction of when the next agent will be available and the time and number of calls it may take to get that next contact.

The Predictive Dialler maximises the use of the agents and the contact list.

The Predictive Dialler, uses a very specialised and complex algorithm by measuring and automatically adjusting its process to be its most efficient, including considerations such as:

  • Average Ring Time
  • Success Rate
  • Max Dropped Call Rate
  • Connect Rate
  • Over-Dial Rate
  • Agent Available count
  • Average call Handling Time

Web Call-Back

CyCall Premier administrators can setup Web Call-Back buttons or hyperlinks on their web site or emails which callers can then click and enter their details including a note.

CyCall will then enter the caller into a queue and present a call-back action to designated agents with the call-back details and note that was typed by the caller between each call.

Agents can categorize what the call was pertaining to by clicking on an administrator defined completion code. These completion results can be provided in real-time statistics to the CyReport Business Intelligence Dashboard and are also available in the historical reporting. All the statistics of the Web call-back will be displayed in the real-time and historical reporting as it would if it was a live call.

Full Multi-Channel IP Outbound Contact Centre Suite

  • Campaign Administration Interface
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • All Campaigns and Agents available activity in Real Time Screen
  • Campaign Schedule for Auto Able/Disable
  • Preview/Progressive/Pre-Emptive Dial Modes
  • 'Do Not Call' Compliance Measures
  • Database/CRM Integration
  • Optional Voice Recording
  • Integrated Reporting - over 150 Reports
  • Configurable Completion Codes and Wrap-up Times

UC Desktop Agent Interface

  • CCRM Integration
  • Click to Dial
  • Screen Pop
  • Drag & Drop
  • Presence
  • Messaging
  • SMS
  • Completion Codes
  • On-Screen Wallboard
  • Integration with customer database or CRM

Powerful Add-Ons

  • SMS Gateway
  • PCI DSS Compliant Voice Recording
  • IVR
  • Web Chat
  • Social Media Integration
  • Agent Evaluation & Training Module
  • Customer Satisfaction & Survey Module

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