To be successful today you must be able to swiftly and professionally respond to your customers across a broad range of interaction channels.

various methods of communication

Your customers want you to respond immediately, accurately, in the manner they choose and they want you to have their details already to hand. You now need to evolve beyond simple automatic call distribution systems (ACD) to Multi-Channel Contact Centre Technology.

Achieve the Four Pillars of Modern Business with CyCC Contact Centre Technology

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Differentiate To Stand Out

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Modernise Sales & Marketing

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Outstanding Customer Experience

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Deliver Lifetime Value

Rapid Deployment World Best Practice Templates available

To create the most efficient deployment possible and also improve better service quality for support, CyTrack has researched amongst all our global customer base and has arrived at pre-set world best practice configurations. We have then created these options into simple to deploy wizards prompting the installer for certain user configurable inputs during the setup.

Customer Experience is the New Currency of Power

happy customer

With the rise (and rise and rise) of social media, we all know the cardinal rule, mistreat your customers at your own peril. Embrace the notion that customer experience and customer service IS the new marketing.

“Your Call” really has become important

After decades of lip service, “your call” really has become important in that it provides a rare opportunity to build trust and loyalty — or not. This is the result of our Web-based, self-service world leaving few opportunities for actual connection and interaction with customers”

New World View

Every enterprise organization and department has customers, and most of these customers have increased options. This represents the other side of the cloud, that the days of virtual monopolies created by captive, internal customers are long gone.

Contact centres don’t have to support formalised banks of agents. The difference between a receptionist and a single-agent contact Centre can be a voicemail box. Voicemail eliminated the busy signal, and now contact Centre technologies can eliminate the voicemail box in lieu of overflow routing, intelligent queues, and even self-help options. More and more companies view their main switchboards, departmental answering points, and many other environments and extensions as potential contact centre.

Every Business has Unique Needs and Business Processes for Competitive Advantage and Quality Service

It’s important to make the CyCC solution your own. Business Process Automation (BPA) and Communication Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) are at the heart of advanced fit and customisation of the CyTrack Solution to your business.

We have inbuilt tools to meet businesses individual requirements, or you can work directly with our R&D Team to create truly specialised applications to work with your IT strategy and architecture.

Powerful Work-flow Technology

Make the technology work for you not the other way around and save costs, increase efficiency and deliver quality services.

Managing the unique requirements of your business within CyCC is our powerful Work Flow Management capabilities. Work Flow Management fine-tunes the system to deliver business benefits and strategic performance aims, such as keeping customers informed,reducing abandoned rates and delivering calls to the customer service agents who have the bests kills to service the customers needs.

Configurable functions such as Skills Based Routing, Announcements Management,Call back in Queue (optional), Real Time statistics displayed on our Multi-Media Dashboards, Office Schedules,Emergency Overflows and more, will help you achieve the four pillars of modern business.

Integrate to the Most Popular CRM Solutions, or Even Your Own CRM or Database

CyTrack CyCC can talk to your customer database or CRM (customer relationship management system) and even integrate with your Social Media to let you know who your customers are and how they wish to be serviced, it manages your customers requests via routing to the most.

If you have developed your own CRM or customer service solution we can work with that too. Check out our Software Kits & API’s that enable you to talk with us and setup your own click to dial, screen pops, storage of key details about the call, voice recordings and more!

We connect to most popular systems out of the box including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SalesLogix, GoldMine, Maximizer, ACT and many more.

Call Flow Designer Tool

Simply create queues, assign agents and skills based routing preferences to queues, create overflow rules, review scenarios and publish to server when complete.

Customer Service & Performance, Not Cost Per Call

CyCC™ goes beyond traditional ACD systems providing you an array of communication channels such as Voice, SMS,Email, Fax, Web Chat, Web Call-back, Call back in Queue and Social Media connections meaning you can connect on any level.

transition from cost-per-call to improving customer experience

Once you are connected CyCC then provides you an arsenal of technology strategies that enable you to manage the customer and provide timely and accurate responses that lead to superior service that is uniquely your own.

  • Professionally manage customers calling you
  • Ensure calls are directed to the best person for the job
  • Give your customers options and service them best
  • Ensure staff have the right information for the right call
  • Deliver Performance & Measure Results call

Full IP Contact Centre Suite

  • Omni-Channel & Social Networking
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Skills Based Routing
  • Real-Time Management
  • Real-Time Configurable Dashboards
  • Unlimited queues
  • Remote & Multi-Site Support
  • Agent Break Management and Work-flow Adherence
  • In queue options for callers
  • Queue Scheduling
  • Queue VIP, Priority Management and Balancing
  • Call Blending
  • Advanced Overflow Control
  • Manage your own Announcements

UC Desktop Agent Interface

  • CRM Integration
  • Click to Dial
  • Drag & Drop
  • Presence
  • Messaging
  • SMS
  • Completion Codes
  • On-Screen Wall-board
  • Queue Name Shown on Agent Screen
  • Auto Agent Absent Redirect


  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Web Chat
  • Web Call-back
  • Call back in queue

Powerful Add-Ons

  • CyCC Call-back in Q
  • CyCC Web Call-back
  • CyCC Email, Voicemail & Fax queuing
  • SMS Gateway
  • PCI DSS Compliant Voice Recording
  • IVR
  • Telemarketing (Outbound CC)
  • Automatic Outcall
  • Web Chat
  • Social Media Integration
  • Agent Evaluation & Training Module
  • Customer Satisfaction & Survey Module

An Intelligent Suite of Business Solutions in One Package

CyTrack CyCC™ brings together all four important product groups of CyTrack combining Unified Communications, Business Intelligence and Business Process Automation into a powerful Contact Centre solution.

Whether you are a team as little as 2 people or a large enterprise group, whether you are in one location or connected in many different geographical zones or simply remote workers.